The first high-resolution custom reed.

Ready To Play.

CustomReeds can be ready tied or as unfolded prefabricated oboe wood - depending on the preferences and wishes of the user. CustomReeds are the first high-resolution oboe Double Reeds which can be digitally modeled, computer-controlled processed and played without strictly necessary manually post-processing. Each piece of a serie is exactly the same. We only process the traditional material wood / reed. The profiles are defined with an accuracy of 0.01mm and finished on the open cane.

The important things first.

The digital profile is transmitted symmetrically by a CNC tool to the open, oboe cane in a short time. First we perform the profile shape. With a simple wet-folding, the cane is then tied to the appropriate final oboe tube.

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Serial CustomReeds.

In addition to the selection of existing and proven profiles, an individual profile can be created using the newly developed CustomReed app. The own profile can be tested with a manufactured single piece, tested and afterwards in small series. This platform allows the fundamental experimentation with the profile shape to test and optimize the timbre and the vibrational behavior of the oboe reed.


Simplified process.

CustomReed eliminates the need for an oboe reed profiling machine. This saves time for the essentials - playing. We also offer a fair price-performance ratio.

Is there still a profiling machine around we have customized ReedChip for exchanging the fix template of the machine.

Modelable, Measurable, Repeatable.

A professional and analytical creation of existing and new forms is no longer feasible today without adequate technology. We offer the know-how, the production process and the platform. This allows an experimental procedure with short response times for changes / corrections to the profile.

Sounds good.

The quality of the oboe reed is unbeatable with the natural and sustainable material wood in the future.

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